From Archie, Noir short movie –Noir jazz y crime jazz

Archie Open-The Killer

Instrumental compositions from the CD: Leo Caruso & Club Mondrian “Colores Primarios”

The Same Blue Rain. Original instrumental blues/Jazz piano trio composition

Perseguidor. Original instrumental blues/Jazz piano trio composition with string section

From the animated short, Thicket – Orchestral rock, electronic

Thicket Score

From the feature film Last Notes, BlackNoir jazz & crime jazz

From Façade (videogame) – Electronic ambient 

La ausencia de todas las cosas
Theatre Play. Orchestral textures and electronic atmospheres

Buenos Aires, Continum 3 (Una banda sonora de El Eternauta) – This album was composed as a film soundtrack, inspired on “El Eternauta” a Sci-Fi / Post-apocalyptic Argentinean comic, (1957/1959) as a tribute to the author: Héctor G. Oesterheld.
Premiered at the series of tributes to Héctor G. Oesterheld and Francisco Solano López; organized by the Commission for Tribute to the missing writer, declared of municipal interest by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires in 1997 and 2011.

Preludio Para El Fin. Near to Trip hop.
(String quartet, drum loop, electric piano & synthesizers).

Tango, Nevada y Misterio. Electronic Tango.
(String quartet, loops, piano, vibes & synthesizers).

La Gallina Degollada
Soundtrack for the American film project based on a short tale of the Argentinean writer Horacio Quiroga.
Orchestral textures and electronic atmospheres.

From The Message (short film)

From The Cardboard Train (documentary)

Eric Satie style composition (two versions)
Motivo (piano solo)

From Football Dreams (documentary)

From the theatre play Así Hablaba Isadora

1878. A classical piano piece, romantic period. (Excerpt)

Pacific ambient. A peaceful techno ambient. (Only vintage synthesizers-no drums).

Dionisos. Indian and Oriental sounds, electric guitars with a “psychedelic touch”. (Excerpt)

Indian Fantasy. Indian and Oriental sounds, electric guitars with a “psychedelic touch”. (Excerpt)

Historical periods compositions:

Traveler Rag. A ragtime for piano. Scott Joplin style.

Victorian Trío. A Baroque trio (flute, harpsichord & organ -continuous bass-)

Cinematographic sound postcards:

Eruption From The Sky. Orchestral instrumental rock

Sin Kalma. Instrumental Latin Rock. (Excerpt)

Sound postcards (Short electronic cues):

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